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  • Landini tractors are world leaders in vineyard, orchard and vegetable row crop specialist tractors, but also with a great range of general farm tractors.

    Landini Tractors

    So how do you pick the best vineyard-orchard tractor

    Spraying is a critical task for a vineyard-orchard, and it is the most demanding task for a specialist tractor. The tractor’s performance and features make a real difference, not only to the spraying task, but also to overall farm costs, productivity and yield. A true specialist vineyard-orchard tractor is an engineering marvel with high performance and sophisticated features and functions in a compact package. So how do you pick the best vineyard-orchard tractor?

    Max Allan, Inlon’s Landini Product Specialist, has spent over 43 years in the tractor industry with most of that experience focused on specialist tractors across several brands. Max has condensed his vast knowledge into a comprehensive Vineyard-Orchard Tractor Buyers Guide, which covers the key issues to consider when buying a new tractor.

    The Vineyard-Orchard Tractor Buyers Guide will be helpful for any grower who realises there are long-term costs and benefits in the choice of tractor. Operators of vineyards and orchards have different spraying requirements with varying ground conditions, planting configurations and chemical costs. The Vineyard-Orchard Tractor Buyers Guide helps you to consider what is most essential for your specific set-up. It covers factors such as PTO speed, engine performance, ground speed, tractor dimensions, cabin features, hydraulics, linkage, driveline, braking, ergonomics and cost of ownership.

    Max Allan, Inlon's Landini Product Specialist

    Inlon has also released the companion Vineyard-Orchard Tractor Comparison Tool so you can compare what is available from a tractor specialist like Landini and others. The tool enables you to identify what is important to you and make your own independent comparisons with other tractors.

    For free access to the Vineyard-Orchard Tractor Buyers Guide and Comparison Tool, please visit or call 1800 945 090.

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