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  • Landini tractors are world leaders in vineyard, orchard and vegetable row crop specialist tractors, but also with a great range of general farm tractors.

    Landini Tractors

    Powerfarm RPS Packs a Punch

    In the 100-horsepower segment, the economical tractor-loader package is a favourite, but many tractors fall short of true versatility for hay, planting, cultivation, towing and other farm jobs. This is where the newly launched Landini Powerfarm 110 RPS comes into its own. It’s the ultimate combination of loader tractor and general farm tractor for field work.

    The Powerfarm 110 RPS is now available to order from Inlon’s Landini dealer network. Inlon’s package includes a level-lift PowerArm loader with Euro-hitch for quick change of attachments, hydraulic soft-ride, third-function hydraulics and the popular 4-in-1 bucket all as standard. Combined with the Powerfarm’s power-shuttle transmission and its hi-vis roof for loader visibility when raised, the loader package is complete and second to none.

    In addition, the Powerfarm RPS transforms into a great farm tractor for field work. Let’s start with the UK Perkins 4.4 litre engine, with its legendary performance and class leading 416Nm of torque; this will give you the grunt you need for heavy PTO and drawbar work. Perkins is, of course, a well-known name you can trust for peace of mind.

    The Power-shuttle and Hi-Lo Power-shift transmission gives you 32/16 speeds, including creeper speeds, for the versatility to tackle a wide range of field work.

    Whether baling or pulling a chisel plough, the Hi-Lo Power-shift and huge range of gears gives you the flexibility to utilise the 416Nm to the max.

    The four double-acting hydraulic remotes, independent of the loader valve, give you all the hydraulic flexibility you need in this class. Push-button PTO with 540 and 1000 rpm speeds and quick-hitch linkage ends round off all the features you need at the back end.

    For towing, the 416Nm of torque and range of gears will get the work done and reach the 40 km/h top speed. The front and rear wheel braking gives you control and safety for peace of mind.

    Creature comforts are not forgotten either. The spacious cabin gives you room to work comfortably, along with the air-seat with arm rests. An adjustable steering column will help you get the best position for the digital console, while simple things make a difference, like the rear windscreen wiper for visibility of the work happening out the back.

    Landini Powerfarm RPS 110
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