Landforce Cabin Farm Tractor
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  • Landini tractors are world leaders in vineyard, orchard and vegetable row crop specialist tractors, but also with a great range of general farm tractors.

    Landini Tractors

    Landforce Cabin Farm Tractor


    Featuring a simple and rugged design, this tractor is extremely user-friendly and easy to service and can work many hours without stopping to refuel, making it ideal to tackle virtually any task in the field and around the farm.
    The Landforce’s cab design offers total comfort for long hours of fatigue-free operation in the field. The Landforce is powered by 4.5-liter, 4-cylinder turbo-charged engines that meet the Tier 3 emissions regulations and deliver 112 or 120hp. The Landforce features a speed modular transmission with four synchronised gears in three ranges and a hydraulic power shuttle.

    Landini Landforce 110 Cab

    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.



    Landini Landforce Engine
    • FPT 4.5-liter, 4-cylinder, direct-injection turbo engine, which delivers 112 or 120hp
    • The turbocharger delivers optimum boost pressure across all speed ranges and the EGR system, combined with the intercooler, enables these engines to meet the Tier 3 emission regulations. No add blue requirements
    • The cooling system is protected by a set of easy-access, easy-clean filters
    • The Landforce tractor features a 180-litre fuel tank for long working days without refuelling
    • A large, easily accessible filler neck allows for easy refuelling
    • The tilt-up hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance


    Landini Landforce Transmission
    • Three-stage powershift (H-M-L) can be shifted on the go providing 36 forward and 12 reverse speeds
    • Optional creep transmission that provides a wide range of creep speeds from 0.400 km/h
    • The electro-hydraulic reverse power shuttle is operated from the left hand side of the steering wheel, ideal for loader operation.
    • The De-clutch control and power shuttle allows the operator change all speeds and direction without using the clutch pedal
    • A shuttle modulation control (potentiometer) integrated into the right-hand console allows for adjustment of the power shuttle response to suit the current implement and working conditions
    • 4WD Hydralock front axle with brakes


    Landini Landforce Cabin
    • Featuring a four-post design with large, rear hinged doors, the Master Class cab provides exceptional all-round visibility and allows the operator to enter and exit with ease
    • Fully sound-insulated and an efficient air-conditioning system creates a comfortable work environment for long hours in the field
    • The driving position with ergonomically-arranged controls, air-suspension seat and adjustable steering wheel further enhances the operator comfort
    • An opening roof hatch offers extra visibility for loader operations and six powerful halogen lights provide excellent illumination for night work
    • ISO-mounted platform comes with pneumatic suspension seat, adjustable steering wheel and ergonomic controls for maximum operator comfort


    Landini Landforce Hydraulics
    • A closed-centre hydraulic system with a variable-displacement high-flow pump that delivers a flow rate of 110+38 l/min for the hitch and steering
    • Three remote valves with controls on the driver’s right-hand side allowing an efficient and versatile use of implements, with one remote with flow-divider for hydraulic motor operation


    • Electro-hydraulic PTO 540/540E rpm or 540/1000 rpm with multi-disc clutch in oil bath
    • Oil collecting kit on each remote to reduce leakage when coupling and decoupling.
    • Swinging drawbar
    • 2 hydraulic auxilliary lift rams for 4500kg linkage lift capacity
    • Electronic linkage control


    Landforce 115 Landforce 125
    Tractor Power (hp) 112 120
    Engine FPT NEF4-2V 4cyl FPT NEF4-2V 4cyl
    Engine Capacity (L) 4.5L Turbo
    4.5L Turbo
    Torque Nm 510 515
    Hydraulic Oil Flow (l/min) 110+38 110+38
    Tyres (front - back)

    480/65R24 540/65R38

    480/65R24 600/65R34

    2 Speed PTO (rpm) 540/540E 540/1000
    Minimum Width (m) 2.092 2.092
    Height (m) 2.77 2.77
    Weight (kg) 4550 4550


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    Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website.
    Follow this link to the  manufacturer's website (Landini)

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